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Adventum is a special group of highly trained and experienced financial and management professionals. We have operated businesses and performed every financial function within businesses. Our experience in the C-suite gives us an unparalleled perspective that spans across a multitude of industries.

Why Adventum?

Expert Outsourced CFO Team

Financial professionals are an expensive resource but without them, it is extremely difficult to manage a growing business. Financial planning and visibility are fundamental to unlocking a company’s potential. We are passionate about helping emerging companies be the best they can be by giving them cost effective financial solutions and leadership.

Experienced CFOs

Our CFO’s have successful track records performing the necessary roles needed to grow your firm.

Cost Effective

Adventum’s fractional CFO model allows you to receive all the benefits of a full time CFO but for a fraction of the cost.

Flexible and Agile

Our model allows for flexibility and agility which is necessary in growing organizations.

Our Services

Scale on-demand, and at a fraction of the cost

CFO Outsourcing

The CFO role is important but can be cost prohibitive for emerging organizations. We provide affordable CFO leadership to help organizations reach their short and long-term goals.


Leave the accounting to us. Accounting is an essential function but hiring and management of full time employees to execute this function may not be the most efficient use of your time and capital. We can do this for you at a fraction of the cost and provide continuous reporting and feedback on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis giving you constant visibility and understanding in organization performance.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Having a plan is important for any of us in most anything we do. For organizations that are looking to grow, planning is vital to success. We bring a wealth of experience to help organizations with the financial planning process. In order to plan for the future, it’s important to analyze and understand the past and present. This process ends with a sound go forward plan.

Business Strategy & Modeling

A fresh set of eyes applied to an existing business can be just what the doctor ordered. Our visibility across a multitude of industries gives us a unique perspective and with comprehensive modeling of your existing business or a new segment or division we will provide a clear path forward.

Capital Raises

Organizations are near impossible to grow without the necessary capital to make it happen. We’ve been there and done that as it relates to working with existing and potential investors to make this come to reality. We will work with your team to find the right sources of capital while taking into account the many variables involved in every organization. There is no one size fits all as it relates to raising capital.

M&A Support

Organizational transactions are extremely distracting and disruptive to organizations on both sides. We provide the necessary leadership and coordination to make this process as seamless as possible. The discreet gathering of information and managing the communication within an organization during this process is critical to keeping the organization(s) operating smoothly.

Buy & Sell Side Due Diligence

We work with buyers and sellers to gather, dissect and organize the information for transactions. We’ve executed these processes many times and know a timely and accurate completion will enable all parties to achieve their goals.

Audit/Tax Coordination & Support

We are not tax accountants or auditors, but we are certainly familiar with the process and essential ingredients involved to make their execution flawless. We will work directly with your tax advisors and/or auditors or we can be engaged to help you select these resources as needed.

Corporate Retirement Plan Review

Administering, managing and reviewing your company qualified plan can be a challenge for many business owners and executives. Many times the review responsibility is done by someone who is directly compensated by the plan provider or the investment firms associated with your plan. At Adventum, we take a different approach. We work for you. Our approach focuses on partnering with service providers who can limit your fiduciary liability, ease your administrative burden and provide tools to help participants retire on their own terms.

What Our Clients are Saying

Adventum stepped into an extremely challenging environment with misaligned stakeholders and helped us reach a successful outcome for all parties involved. The Adventum team provided strong leadership in managing the target company's finances and diligence leading up to this transaction.

Hubert Holmes

Managing Director Charles Towne Holdings
Adventum was instrumental in getting us prepared for our 1st round of institutional capital. They helped us identify the ideal capital partner and lead the diligence process from start to finish. Our organization is now poised to accelerate our growth.

Ashok Kartham

CEO Mize

Adventum helped us organize and structure our financials for the upcoming audit. Adventum now provided board representation and CFO leadership for our organization. We liked them so much, ultimately hired one of their people for the permanent finance leadership role.

Mike Hardy

CEO Enumerate

Adventum was instrumental in helping us raise our first round of capital. They helped us maximize enterprise value and formed the financial launch pad to propel our organization forward.

Jorge Brea

CEO Symphonic Distribution

Under their leadership, Adventum seamlessly moved our organization from cash basis to GAAP accounting and set the table for us to execute our first audit flawlessly. Adventum trained the financial team to help us maintain the highest level of financial standards moving forward.

Bart Knellinger

Progressive Dental Marketing Symphonic Distribution

Adventum has been a great resource for us to recommend. They provide financial visibility for us as we invest and help entrepreneurs and business owners thoughtfully accelerate their organizations forward.

Robert Faber

Partner Ballast Point Ventures

With a seamless integration into our executive team, Adventum provided Interim CFO services at a critical time as we prepared ourselves to raise capital.

Allan Martin

CEO Lumina Analytics

One of our franchisees needed a financial rudder and Adventum filled that role perfectly. They recalibrated the investment structure, upgraded operations and management teams, and developed new stores providing outstanding leadership in a tough environment

Nick Reader


Financial and operations leadership were needed to build out the franchise side of our business. We were able to successfully raise the capital needed and execute on the plan all with the help of Adventum.

Tony Lockhart

CEO Carsmetics

As a startup, finding players that will do anything to help you move the ball forward can be tough, Adventum brought it’s multifaceted experience to help us raise capital but beyond that, they were willing to help fill in the blanks where needed in ops, customer service, etc.

Todd Belveal

CEO Washlava

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