CFO Services

Financial leadership is not cheap when you consider both the salary and benefits of full-time contributors. Adventum provides this at a fraction of the cost.

CFO Service Offerings

Adventum’s CFO services in Tampa and Orlando help many organizations work through their financial accounting challenges. Our team brings 30+ years of experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes across many different industries. We are comfortable with the uncomfortable. Many times, we are placed into messy accounting environments giving us the opportunity to see significant results very quickly. This drives us. Bringing clarity excites us and we are obsessed with helping propel our clients forward.

Our clients in Tampa and Orlando realize the benefits of our CFO services at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees to execute these services.  In our experience, these services can be accomplished more economically and executed more quickly with our team.

Because this is what we do every day, we bring our previous client experiences to bear as we quickly understand your business and industry. The volume of our experiences result in best practices for your organization that are continuously refined in real-time. This continued refinement ensures the best solutions that will help your organization be the best version of itself.

Our Tampa and Orlando team has served in a multitude of roles within many different organizations which allows us to create a working environment that promotes buy in across the entire organization. Our thoughtful solutions are grounded in a 360-degree perspective on the impact across an organization. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Tailored solutions are our specialty.

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Leadership Services
  • C-Level Leadership
  • C-Level Management
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Cashflow Management
  • Basic financial accounting clean-up
  • Movement from cash to accrual accounting
  • Accounting software implementations
  • Accounting software integrations
  • Accounting software upgrades
Accounting Services
  • Financial statement presentation within GAAP
  • Audit preparation
  • Hire and train an internal accounting team
  • Short, medium and long-term oversight
  • Board presentations
  • Board representation
  • Create investor decks and financial models for cap raises
  • Federal, state & local tax coordination
What Our Clients Are Saying

Adventum helped us organize and structure our financials for the upcoming audit. Adventum now provided board representation and CFO leadership for our organization. We liked them so much, ultimately hired one of their people for the permanent finance leadership role.

Mike HardyCEO Tops Software

One of our franchisees needed a financial rudder and Adventum filled that role perfectly. They recalibrated the investment structure, upgraded operations and management teams, and developed new stores providing outstanding leadership in a tough environment.

Nick ReaderCEO PDQ

Financial and operations leadership were needed to build out the franchise side of our business. We were able to successfully raise the capital needed and execute on the plan all with the help of Adventum.

Tony LockhardCEO Carsmetics

Under their leadership, Adventum seamlessly moved our organization from cash basis to GAAP accounting and set the table for us to execute our first audit flawlessly. Adventum trained the financial team to help us maintain the highest level of financial standards moving forward.

Bart KnellingerCEO Progressive Dental Marketing

With a seamless integration into our executive team, Adventum provided Interim CFO services at a critical time as we prepared ourselves to raise capital.

Allan MartinCEO Lumina Analytics

As a startup, finding players that will do anything to help you move the ball forward can be tough, Adventum brought it’s multifaceted experience to help us raise capital but beyond that, they were willing to help fill in the blanks where needed in ops, customer service, etc.

Todd BelvealCEO Washlava

Adventum has been a great resource for us to recommend. They provide financial visibility for us as we invest and help entrepreneurs and business owners thoughtfully accelerate their organizations forward.

Robert FaberPartner Ballast Point Ventures

Get There Faster, and with Less Risk.

Engage with a team of experts that swiftly gets to the core of your unique issues and circumstances. With greater capability than any one individual, Adventum integrates with your organization as your CFO, or extends the capability and capacity of your in-house CFO.