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Get your books in order. Transparency speaks volumes to investors, and greatly increases your likelihood of success.


Run sophisticated scenario analyses, detailed growth projections, and let your numbers do the talking.


Ensure that your goals, understanding, and expected outcomes align toward a mutually beneficial plan for growth.


Accomplish your meeting of the minds, get salient facts on the table, and excel through even the toughest scrutiny.

Current Case Story

Mize Lifecycle Management

As an industry leader in service lifecycle management software, Mize creates exceptional service experiences through premium service delivery platforms. Founded in 2012 by Ashok Kartham, Mize orchestrates service lifecycle interactions to increase lifetime customer value, generate higher service revenue, lower costs through optimal service delivery, and increase customer retention.

Mize Industry Types


“Our success story needed to resonate with institutional investors.”

– Ashok Kartham, Founder

As Mize experienced substantial growth, they began receiving private equity inquiries. Mize Founder and CEO Ashok Kartham was referred to Adventum by a financial advisor friend. Ashok needed help to organize inbound leads, provide objective guidance for investor selection, and support the company through the due diligence process.

Update: the year following that successful capital round, another strategic opportunity arose for Mize to leap forward and merge with a mutinational conglomerate.


Starting with an internal finance structure assessment, Adventum guided Mize through advanced modeling and scenario analysis to prepare for investor scrutiny.

From several proposals, the team then helped Mize through due diligence and select M33 Growth out of Boston, resulting in a $15MM private equity investment.

The following year, Adventum helped facilitate the company’s introduction and sale to Syncron AB, resulting in a 3-4x multiple and swift return for both Mize and M33.

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Learn how Mize progressed from raising growth capital via private equity to its merger with a Swedish conglomerate the following year.

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